The Robbins Nest–2017 Holiday Home Tour!

WELCOME TO THE ROBBINS NEST– Holiday Home Tour of 2017!


It truly is the “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!”

If you know me, you know I LOVE decorating–I often say if I had to choose another profession, it would be interior decorating! It’s even more fun this time of year–which is why I start early (November) and keep it up late (late January) to enjoy the glitz and glam this time of year brings!

My husband and I tend to agree–he is great at decorating the outside, and I focus on the interior. The same is true for holiday decor. He did a beautiful job outside didn’t he?


Let’s take a peek inside…

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I love Christmas trees, and try to incorporate one in every room (whether full size or table sized)! My goal for baby G (and any future Robbins-to-be) is to allow them to have a tree in their room that they decorate each year! We have one grand tree that we invite two lovely ladies to decorate each year (we adore them). We only wish we had a trap door to lower and raise it each year so we never have to take it apart…

Here is our living room tree:


Our family room tree (which is my FAVORITE):


Our lower level tree:


My cute little office tree:


And of course, G’s tree (which he gets to decorate with non-breakable items!)


The Stockings Were Hung By the Chimney With Care…

Another “must” for me…sweet stockings above every hearth. I think it’s my subtle way of sneaking more “bling” into the home. If it were up to me, my home would be decked out in all things girly and glittery. Thank goodness for my husband who definitely balances me out! Here’s our living room stockings…


Family Room Stockings…


Lower Level Stockings:


Stockings in My Office:


And Gabriel’s Stockings In His Playroom:


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

One of my favorite objects to decorate with are reindeer! I have to admit, I fall toward the girly, glam look. So for now my Santas are packed away (my old home was all red)…and I am loving incorporating beautiful reindeer into every room as well! Here are the sweet ones that greet people in the entry…


Some for my dining room:



Blinged out stocking holders:


and some reindeer for the lower level too:


Reindeer seem to make everything more magical:IMG_3147-1024x682

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Every year I like to add a little treat to my Christmas collection!  I treated myself to a special little treat– trimmings for my Christmas trees!

“I like big bulbs and I cannot lie!” LOL! I was so inspired by a picture of interior designer Jan Shower’s flocked tree with big, oversized metallic bulbs that I decided to try this look on my DIY tree myself! Shortly after ordering these beauties of all sizes from Horchow, they put out their holiday catalog, featuring a GORGEOUS tree with oversized bulbs! I guessed that confirmed my choice! I added dainty little bulbs to balance things out!







Deck The Halls

I try to sprinkle special touches in every space!  Holiday decor doesn’t have to be traditional…I like to find fun and festive ways to spruce up every space…

From antlers and jingle bells on my table runner…IMG_2905-682x1024

Christmas candles and matches in every space…



Cute little items I find along the way, like this little guy…


Decor doesn’t have to be traditional holiday…beautiful flowers go a long way!


Lovely vases…


Photo displays framed by Christmas trees (I am working on a “Brides” table here)…


I even sprinkle in the holidays in each bathroom!


Bottle Trees Are Always Beautiful



And I’ve started collecting snow globes too (which Gabriel LOVES)


Festive Pillows Are Always Fun (this is the girly, glam one in my office!)


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas! 

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! And something tells me that it will be even more magical as with Gabriel this year!

Here’s a quick peek of each room we’ve decorated, so far!

Formal Living:



My office:


Lower level:


Family room:




G’s playroom:


Even Bella is getting in on the festivities!


Click on the pics for a slideshow of more of our holiday home tour, 2017!

Click on the pics to view them large:

Thank you so much for touring our nest! We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season! 

XO, Phil, Sarah, and  Gabriel (and of course, baby Bella too!)

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Photos by: Sara Sutherland Photography (MI)




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